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25 October 2007 @ 12:06 pm
a few kind reminders  
Any graphics posted here are up for grabs. There are just a few things I ask in return:

// please comment and credit if you are taking anything. i'd prefer it if credit goes to the community shoe_gazing rather than me, so other people can find the icons themselves. it really does make all the difference if you tell me you like something, rather than just taking it. it gives me an incentive to make more! if i do come across my icons uncredited anywhere i'm not likely to hunt you down, i'll probably just feel a bit sad for a while. some of this stuff takes me a while to get just right and it only takes a minute or so to show your appreciation :D

// if you're not sure how to credit the icon maker on LJ here's how you do it:

1. save the icon you want to your hard drive
2. go to profile > manage userpics (or manage > userpics)
3. click 'browse' and pick the icon you saved. in 'keywords' type a name for the icon. this is what will help you identify it when posting to LJ so make it something memorable. in 'comments' type the maker's user ID or name. click proceed when you are finished.

   4. this is what will appear on your userpics page to show who made what:

// no hotlinking.
i've never come across anyone who this has happened to but it's just common sense really. i only upload my icons and graphics to photobucket so i don't really want everyone using the same links and killing my account. plus, it take literally seconds to save things and upload them to your own account.

// no editing.
again, i won't have a complete hissy fit if you decide to add something to my icons. just let me know and give credit for the original. sometimes i will make plain bases that are available for editing, i will make this clear in the post. alternatively i will take requests so you can always leave me a comment and i'll see what i can do.

// friend the community.
if you like what you see here you can friend / watch the community for updates.
mood: pensive
music: help wanted nights - the good life